Happy Music Virtual VIP

When you’ve called up your friendly neighbourhood energy company, or your doctor’s surgery, local council, or internet provider, like death & taxes, it’s nearly certain that you’ll be put on hold. While sitting around not talking to someone with an… Read More »


Bad Hold Music blog from Virtual VIP

You know the situation: you bought something and it broke, you have an issue that needs resolving, you desperately need to talk to a human being – something that seems increasingly impossible these days – and you end up on… Read More »


The Top Reasons Small Businesses Fail and how to become a success

… and how to become a success! Small businesses are spearheading the economic recovery in the UK. New managing directors and CEOs are striking out on their own as tenacious pioneers – and all of these small firms have big… Read More »


Sheryl Sandberg and Small Business advertising on Facebook

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