10 Reasons You Need A Call Answering Service

When you’re a small business trying to grow, there’s nothing more important than making an excellent first impression. If you’re running around trying to organise a million things at once, you might miss vital sales calls or queries from other businesses. A receptionist can often feel like an unnecessary expense to the small business owner – but have you considered the benefits of a virtual receptionist? A phone answering service means that when a customer calls your business, they’ll automatically be diverted to your virtual assistant – and they’ll never even know. Here are ten reasons why you need a phone answering service.

1. Never miss a call again

No matter how much time and money you invest in your business, there’s little point to it all if your team are inaccessible to clients. The majority of sales and business may now be done on the Internet, but there are still a lot of people who prefer to talk to someone directly. A virtual receptionist engages your customer base in a friendly and professional manner, meaning you’ll never miss an important call again.

2. Save money on hiring a receptionist

Hiring a dedicated full-time receptionist for the office can seem unjustifiably expensive for a small business. Virtual assistants are a cost-effective way of handling the necessary duties of any growing business, freeing up revenue for use in other aspects of the company.

3. Gives you time

Dealing with a constant flow of inbound calls will tie up your workforce no end – you’ll never have any time to focus on other tasks if you’re glued to the phone all day. A phone answering service will free up both you and your team to focus on getting other important things done.

4. Book appointments and organise the company calendar

A virtual receptionist will handle all of the essential administrative tasks that are vital to the health of a business but can be time-consuming for those who have other tasks they need to focus on. Our VIP Corporate package offers receptionist services but also oversees your business’s customer services department, covering call outs, disaster recovery, diary management, customer orders, and overseeing your media and advertising output.

5. The illusion of size

Brand image and customer perception are extremely important when you’re a small business on the rise. Your virtual receptionist will grow the legitimacy of your business – even if you still haven’t made the move from your front room to a proper office yet.

6. Get your messages anywhere

Your business will have a dedicated PA who will take messages and forward them to you and your team through any channel. Virtual VIP can pass on your messages and correspondence through SMS, email, and even fax. Out-of-hours voicemail messages will be emailed to you completely free of charge. You’ll never lose or accidentally delete a vital message ever again.

7. The personal touch

An estimated 80% of customers won’t call back if they get a busy tone, and an answering machine makes your business seem disorganised. Our phone answering service ensures that during business hours, customers will get through to a friendly and engaging receptionist. Outside of your business hours, they’ll get a personalised message and their voicemail will be sent to you, free of charge.

8. Calls are answered – even at peak times

When the photocopier breaks, when you’ve just settled down for lunch, or when you’re busy fixing the server before that afternoon deadline – these are the worst times to be answering customer calls, and yet it’s guaranteed to be the moment when the phones start ringing off the hook! A virtual assistant will be able to handle any spikes in the number of calls, meaning you’ll never lose out on potential business when you’re otherwise occupied trying to get the printer to behave.

9. Call recording

Call recording can be expensive to do in-house, but it offers a lot of benefits to a business. You can keep a record of details that you might not have been able to note during a call, and a recorded log can be handy if you wind up in a legal dispute. A phone answering service will make this into a very affordable option for your small business.

10. Keep up productivity

When you’re having your workflow constantly interrupted, it breaks the momentum of the day. If your workforce is being bombarded with calls, it can be a drain on their productivity before, during, and after. Your virtual receptionist will keep you free from distractions.

With Virtual VIP, your phone calls will be answered by highly qualified staff based right here in the United Kingdom. We get to know your business and your customer base, engaging with customers in a friendly and professional manner.

We offer a flexibility of services that far outstrips our competitors. We have a variety of packages available for businesses of all sizes, ranging from £45 to £190 per month, and our basic package comes with free set up, a dedicated receptionist, and free forwarding. Don’t delay – check out our packages and never worry about customer calls again!