8 Excellent Email Management Apps for Business

It’s vital for businesses of all sizes to be able to effectively manage their calls and emails, whether it’s correspondence from business contacts or customer enquiries, orders, and sales. A call handling service can deal with incoming calls, but keeping up with email can be a real hassle. Your business might have several accounts to manage – one for work, one for personal communications, one for customer enquiries, and perhaps another for spam and newsletters. This is why an email management app is just what your business needs. They’re simple, easy to use, and are compatible across smartphone, desktop, and tablet – a real necessity for work in this day and age. If you’re struggling to manage all those emails, and trawling through your inbox is eating up your working day, then consider one of these fantastic email management apps for your business. Most of them are completely free as well, so they’re good for your wallet as well as your organisation.

1. K-9 Mail for Android

K-9 Mail is a multi-service email app that can track multiple accounts. At first glance, it appears rather primitive, but it has a sensible and practical approach to handling email. The interface is designed to maximise the amount of information a user can see on-screen without leaving you confused. It’s highly customisable, and although the inbox shows each email individually (messages are not grouped into conversations), it’s very simple to switch from one email to the next in the conversation with one button. K-9 is a community developed project, so there will always be someone online willing to help you work the app and solve problems.

2. Aqua Mail for Android

Aqua Mail also supports multiple email services, including the big three – Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. As well as these, it will support any service using IMAP, POP3, and SMTP, so if your business has its own email server, you can still use the app. It syncs all email accounts under one single, simple app, making managing them a piece of cake. Aqua Mail sorts all unread inbox messages into a single inbox to be browsed at your leisure, and it’s easy to customise. The downside is that the free version limits you to two email accounts and adds a promotional signature to all outbound emails, but it’s still an extremely useful tool.

3. Mailbox for iOS

Mailbox offers a very unique selling point – it gives you list and snooze options. Your inbox is used for messages that require your immediate attention; everything else gets organised into lists or snoozed for later. Messages can be saved and archived, and are easily accessed. It supports Gmail and iCloud accounts, and can be linked to a Dropbox account to save email attachments.

4. Boxer for iOS and Android

Boxer offers powerful features combined with great support. It has push notifications along with sync and support for Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, AOL, and IMAP accounts. The app is perfect for businesses that already have a system in place they want to retain. It’s simple to set up and supports labels and folders for organisation. It provides a straightforward and attractive overview of each account, and has support and integration for attachments such as Dropbox and Evernote.

5. CloudMagic for iOS and Android

Along with support for all the major email accounts – Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365, IMAP – CloudMagic includes push notifications, customer folder sync, and a unified inbox view. There’s an intuitive editing mode that lets you work and write multiple messages, and it supports productivity tools that you may already be using in your business, including Trello, One Note, and Todoist. It’s even designed to be easy on your battery power so you can use it on the go – emails are downloaded from the cloud, saving your battery and your data. The Wall Street Journal recommended CloudMagic as one of the best email management apps around – and who are we to argue?

6. Dispatch for iOS

The attraction of Dispatch comes with its power to ‘transform’ your email. You can extract your email and change it into action items or reference material by sending it to other apps. Highly customisable and open to personalisation, you can interact with emails quickly through direct actions. And you can tame your inbox by deleting, deferring, delegating and responding in more interactive ways than with other apps. It does cost, but it’s worth it for such a powerful tool.

7. Thunderbird for desktop

Thunderbird is an open source and cross-platform email app for your computer desktop, and works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It’s designed for multiple email accounts – all the major players – filtering your messages, organising and labelling them, marking them up with different priorities, and absorbing your RSS and Atom feeds. New features can be added at your discretion with a simple plugin system. It brings back the classic customisable email addresses of the Internet long since past – making it easy to set up individualised and unique addresses to sort out business and customer queries. With an activity manager, message archive, and integrated search tools, Thunderbird is simple, easy to use, and offers a wide range of security options.

8. Zimbra Desktop for desktop

Free for all and available to use on Windows, Linux, and Mac, Zimbra is the perfect app to consolidate all of your communication needs. One of its main distinguishing features is that it synchronises locally, allowing users to read their email when they’re offline, and it sorts and collects all of your accounts in one place. That’s not just the usual Hotmail, iCloud, and Gmail, but also all of your social networking accounts – highly useful for businesses active in social media. Users can write rich text emails, and access a tagging functionality that can be shared across applications. With activity streams, a dedicated search tab, and a sophisticated calendaring system that lets you manage multiple calendars and scheduling activities, Zimbra has more features than can possibly be listed. It’s a powerful email management tool, perfect for the office.