Facebook Looking to Work With Small Businesses

We don’t often go more than a week without Facebook hitting the headlines for some reason or another. Whether it’s the announcement of a Facebook smartphone or Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to beam the internet from the sky, the Californian social media giant can often be found on the front page.

These developments are interesting and inspiring to many of us, but the latest headlines will be taken particularly well by entrepreneurs and small business alike. Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg recently revealed that they will soon be able to advertise on Facebook for as little as $10.

Facebook claims to be the home to over 25 million SMEs, and yet the billion dollar company’s advertising solutions have not been appealing to the owners of these businesses. Many small business owners have been reluctant to invest in Facebook advertising solutions, seeing it as an expensive platform which may not necessarily guarantee increased sales. However, this latest update is a step in the right direction for small businesses owners and entrepreneurs looking to harness the massive marketing potential of the social network.


Small businesses will soon be able to spend as little as $10 on Facebook advertising, which will pay for a single promoted post on another Facebook page. This is a welcome addition to the existing system for Facebook advertising, where business owners set a daily or lifetime budget and place bids for promoted posts, banner adverts and a host of other advertising solutions. Although Facebook has always made it easy for businesses of all sizes to plan and budget their spending, up until now an effective campaign required a much initial larger investment.

This change comes as part of Facebook’s wider initiative to appeal to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Despite the fact that over 70% of us use Facebook in the United Kingdom, many small businesses are unaware of the potential which the social network provides for marketing and advertising.


Alongside the introduction of new, more affordable advertising solutions, Facebook have been working to make the administration of a business page a far easier task. Small business owners can now manage their pages from a smartphone, and carry out a range of tasks – like promoting posts or purchasing ad banners – with just the click of a button. The company hopes that this added convenience will encourage small business owners to begin taking advantage of social media marketing, bringing extra income to Facebook and SMEs alike.

As part of the effort, Facebook is also running a number of events in the United States this summer. As part of the Facebook Fit program, small business owners will be able to attend a workshops aimed at how to make the most of social networking as a business. From regular content updates to paid advertising, Facebook hopes to demonstrate the benefits of their huge user base from a marketing perspective.

How does your business utilise social media marketing? Would you attend a Facebook Fit workshop if they made their way across the pond to the United Kingdom?