The World is Going Mobile


There’s no doubt about it – the world is going mobile. You can see it in the commuters sat watching and reading the news on their smartphones, in that phone or tablet blocking your view when you go to see your favourite band, or the rise and rise of what is charitably called ‘buffer face’. Life has become a more digital place, and it’s rewriting everything. We’re living in a brave new world – and your business can’t afford to stick its head in the sand and ignore it.

Here Are Some Eye-Opening Statistics

  • Nearly half of all children under twelve have asked for a tablet for Christmas – swiftly followed by requests for smartphones and other mobile technology. Many children still want bicycles and games consoles, but your future market is going to be strongly tech savvy when it comes to mobile devices.
  • Traffic from smartphones and tablets now represents approximately 60% of internet traffic. Around 23% of organic traffic to websites comes from Android or iPhone devices, and some 12% comes from tablets. In 2009, only 1% of internet traffic came from phones. It rose to 4% in 2010, before hitting the dizzying heights of 13% in 2012. More and more people are watching, reading, interacting, and buying things through mobile devices.
  • Mobile internet traffic is starting to eclipse desktop traffic. In fact, in international markets such as India, it’s already happened.
  • Over a third of adults own a tablet or e-reader. That’s skyrocketed from only 2% in 2009.
  • Smartphone users totalled around 1.75 billion in 2014, and that number is only going to rise.
  • Nearly 70% of tablet owners make a purchase on their device across the average month.
  • And the average smartphone or iPhone user will look at their phone close to 150 times a day.

What customers are buying hasn’t changed. How customers find businesses and make consumer choices is changing. Mobile internet is constantly evolving around the world, as well as within business markets.

If your business doesn’t go mobile, and soon, you’re going to quickly stagnate and lose ground with your competitors. Any business that isn’t considering going mobile is stubbornly ignoring the present and the development of the modern consumer world. Going mobile is not an option. It’s a necessity for survival.

The Reality of the Modern Market

  • Mobile apps are now accessed more than the Internet.
  • The tablet is the new laptop and the smartphone is the de-facto communication device.
  • The easier it is for people to access your business and the service you provide, the more they will buy from you.
  • Consumers may be put off from using your services if they can’t interact with your company on the terms they want.
  • Every major company has a mobile app or site so the public can easily access their products, as well as relevant social media channels. If you want to compete, you have to join them.

You’re damaging your business if you can’t at least keep up with your competitors. Don’t just think about how business was done in 2014, or how it will be done in 2015; you need to think about how business might be done in the future. Think about how much mobile internet has progressed in just the last few years, how fast and easy it is to browse, watch, and buy on mobile technology. iPads and smartphones are not going anywhere, and they’ve changed how we all interact with brands.

Mobile accessibility, whether it’s to makes purchases or connect friends with videos of cats chasing their tails, is becoming more and more dominant among retailers. Tablet and mobile brochures are replacing print, and tablet presentations are replacing traditional slideshows. Even the humble business card is being replaced, as smartphone apps allow users to quickly share vital contact information in an instant.

To work with today’s customers and to compete with today’s businesses, you have to be where they are, when they are. By going mobile, you’ll be sure to secure a customer base with the next generation. They’re already downloading and browsing – making consumer choices isn’t too far off!

Create A Brand Experience

Now you know the benefits of going mobile, what do you want from your app or mobile site – or, more importantly, what do your customers want from your mobile services? Here’s a simple checklist to help you develop the perfect mobile services for your business.

  • Most importantly, does your mobile site serve the customer – or just satisfy you, the business owner?
  • Can a customer easily get the services that they want – and if not, can they contact someone who can help them?
  • Can a customer call your company and get to a human?
  • Are customers able to purchase your product without difficulty?
  • Is your business and product information downloadable?
  • Does the structuring of your site make it easy for potential customers to get information and understand your business?
  • Has your mobile app or site been developed specifically for mobile technology?
  • Is the typeface readable, or will it be difficult to see on small screens?
  • Are you able to produce or sell any downloadable products? Can a customer click, buy, and download in a minute or two? More than 100 billion downloads globally can’t be wrong!
  • Can customers from overseas markets interact with your business? After all, that’s one of the greatest benefits of Internet technology – you might be able to find an avenue in a country you never planned for.
  • Are your site and app linked up to your social media accounts? Social media is the perfect place for customers to interact with your business, and build a relationship with your brand.

Are We In A Tech Bubble?

The rapid expansion of mobile technology into all areas of life has led some to question whether or not we’re entering a brand new tech bubble, similar to the one that burst around the time of the millennium. Is it even worth investing in a technology that might implode suddenly?

The good news is that, according to industry experts, we’re not in a tech bubble. It’s true that there has been a massive rise in mobile Internet usage, but the growth of rich media and content shows no signs of abating. There’s no evidence that companies and investors are getting too forceful about the Internet. Any bubbles that are likely to go pop will be confined to one subsector – and seeing how huge the tech sector is, it’s not going to affect you or your business.

The trend for massive consumption on mobile devices is only going to grow and grow. It is vital for your business and your services to be mobile friendly. The world is not going to revert back to telegrams and ticker tape, so if you want your business to continue to survive and thrive, you’ll need to be as mobile as your consumers.