Small Changes Big Influence

For most people, persuading others is a part of daily life. Whether it be persuading your kids to tidy their room, an employee to complete a task or a customer to make a purchase, persuading others is something most of us have to do.

Scientists have researched the persuasion process for many years and have found that often, very small changes in approach can lead to extraordinary changes in outcome. Three renowned authorities in persuasion science, Noah Goldstein, Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin conducted research for their recent book – The Small Big, into the persuasion process and in particular how small changes in approach can lead to significant improvement in persuasive effectiveness.

The graphic below shows the outcomes of some of these studies and the incredible real world results achieved during the research. From increasing voter turnout or saving government departments millions of pounds to getting the best price when buying a used car, they show how these small changes in approach resulted in vastly different outcomes.